Mostly Folk with Liz Pearson is a regular Wednesday evening treat on Hailsham FM, Liz enjoys kitchen table chats with interesting guests every month.  One of the interviewees included in July’s ‘Mostly Folk’ is Geraldine Beskin.  We talked a little about a famous Sussex witch and Geraldine’s own practice. Atlantis is in Museum Street, so if you’re planning a trip to the British Museum, the shop is a very welcome and enjoyable stop.

Owned by Geraldine Beskin (pictured) and Bali Beskin, a mother and daughter partnership, Atlantis Bookshop was established in 1922 by Magicians, for Magicians. It is the birth place of modern Witchcraft, with
Gerald Gardner holding regular coven Meetings in the basement of the Shop.
Geraldine & Bali are third and fourth generation practitioners and multi-generation booksellers. All of the famous, but now long-dead magicians have passed through the sacred portal that is the front door to Atlantis, and a great many living ones continue to do so.
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